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Job interview app

The Employment Agency presents a new app. It is primarily intended to help young people who are applying for an apprenticeship position.

In addition to the appointment reminder, the app also offers preparation for the most frequently asked questions, a checklist to prepare for the interview and videos on body language.

Trick questions in the job interview

In the series of questions during the interview you will find video answers to the following questions, among others:

“Which customer do you not want to work for?”
“Which question surprised you today?”
“How was your relationship with your former superiors?”
“How many light bulbs are there in London?”
“Do you drink alcohol?”
“Were you popular with your classmates?”

Important: Instead of preparing for all possible trick questions, generally be prepared for the fact that trick questions can be asked. Then a confident answer is easier and the test has almost been passed. With trick questions, HR managers want to see how applicants deal with critical situations.

In line with this, the renowned application advisor author Jürgen Hesse: “It’s a ritual … I have to show that I don’t owe an answer – but also make it clear that I’m not stupid and don’t do a soul striptease here.” Interview excerpts.

“Do you have any questions?” during the interview

There is a new page on with tips on the last section in the interview: “Do you have any questions?” The best tips from professionals for your own questions and numerous other good questions that Give the last section of the interview the necessary depth.

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Shy and excited?

Author Susanne Hake gives tips from her own experience. The first part is about shyness, the second part about excitement in the interview.

Perhaps the most important tip: Be aware of your own strengths, at the beginning of the application process, before you start looking for a job, when writing your application letter, and right before the interview.

Salary negotiation

Also relevant for the job interview: the salary negotiation. Rüdiger Klepsch’s most important tip : arm yourself with facts for the conversation. Facts about your own success, for example, but also about comparable salaries.

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