Which application folder is the right one and suits me and my application form?

Even if applications by e-mail are increasing, applicants should have a complete application portfolio ready at the latest for the interview. The application folder is also still the method of choice for speculative applications and for applications to authorities, social organizations and small businesses.

If the job advertisement shows that you are between a postal Being able to choose between application and an application by e-mail speaks for itself in the application folder. It makes sense to think about which application folder suits you best?

What is the right application folder for my application?

This depends on your type (e.g. eye-catching or subtle) and personal taste, on the industry in which you are applying and on the type of application, e.g. speculative application.

Depending on the “application type”, you will find the right application folder here:

  • Application in conservative industries
  • I want to attract attention with my application!
  • Applying as a career starter
  • Applying for an apprenticeship position
  • Application with extensive documents
  • Sending several speculative applications
  • Applying as a career changer
  • Application in a creative profession
  • I am looking for a high-quality application folder
  • I am looking for a special application folder

Application folders for conservative industries

The folder with 2 clamping rails or the folder with 3 clamping rails.  “Simple and elegant” as Wolfgang Mai described the folders. The folders are practical in structure and made of high-quality cardboard.

Stand out with the application folder!

The folder with a window is definitely an “eye-catcher”. It also has the advantage that important information about you as an applicant can be presented on the cover sheet, for example your graduation as a young professional or your current position as an experienced professional.

I am applying as a young professional

Here you have the free choice:

  • The folder with viewing window, the folder with 2 clamping rails, the folder with 3 clamping rails.
  • Important: Collect references and letters of recommendation for the application because otherwise only internship references and no job references can be enclosed.

Application for an apprenticeship position

Better to use 5 – 10 high-quality, individual applications with the window folder than 20-30 mass applications with a cheap folder – that is our philosophy and recommendation. The value of your application is reflected in a positive sense!  We therefore recommend the application folder with a window.

Extra tip for apprenticeship applications: Match the clothes on the application photo with the work clothes in your future job. A prospective IT trainee who is sitting or working on a PC almost certainly has an invitation – even if the rest of the documents are convincing.

Of course, the application photo must be professionally created and should not be a “snapshot” from home!

I have very extensive application documents

The short answer: The folder with 3 clamping rails

The long answer: Consider exactly which documents have to be attached and whether a “complete application folder” was expressly required in the job advertisement.

It is possible and, if necessary, sensible to limit the documents, supplemented by a list of the attachments that can be submitted on request. This may also have the advantage of staying in contact with the decision-makers during the application process and thus establishing an initial “working relationship”.

Send several speculative applications

In the case of an unsolicited application, there is no need to send a complete application folder and the usual attachments are not required.

That is why it makes sense to use the square folder for speculative applications and this compact design and eye-catching format will certainly arouse curiosity and interest!

Content of the speculative application:

If necessary, additional attachments such as work samples, which can also be formatted very well in a square.

Please also note the tips for designing an application flyer.

Image result for folder

Application as a career changer

The application folder in landscape format offers a very interesting “hook” for applying as a career changer in a certain industry. The landscape format can be used in the cover letter and elegantly transferred to your own motivation.

In any case, you will be impressed by the fact that you have applied individually and given your thoughts. Almost all personnel decision-makers who are looking for suitable applicants appreciate this. The only exception may be very conservative industries.

A creative application

Here it might be appropriate to create your own application folder. However, it is very difficult to get a high-quality cardboard box from specialist retailers and then process it yourself professionally or have it processed in a bookbindery. The effort and the costs are hardly in relation to the benefit.

The use of an individual and high-quality portfolio already conveys enough creativity and the portfolio should primarily serve to draw attention to the content – the application documents.

The following folders are suitable for applications in creative professions:

  • The folder with viewing window
  • The portfolio in landscape format
  • The square folder (if few or no attachments in A4 portrait format are enclosed)

I’m looking for a high-quality application folder

All application folders from Freiburger-Mappen.de are made from high quality cardboard of the premium category. This has the following advantages:

  • The cardboard feels strong, the surface is smoothed (“satined”) and therefore insensitive to fingerprints etc.
  • The folders are manufactured in Germany by a specialist company that has many years of experience in portfolio production has. Production errors are so extremely low. More tips on high-quality application folders here.

I’m looking for a special application folder

  • The folder with a viewing window and the folder in landscape format is particularly suitable here.
  • The folder with a viewing window is somewhat easy to use, since the portrait format corresponds to the usual application documents.
  • This folder is particularly special thanks to your individual, special design of your cover sheet.

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